Overcoming Pregnancy Challenges

3 Things Your OBGYN Can Do To Help You Get Through The First Trimester

Finding out that you are pregnant is something that is incredibly exciting. You are growing a human life inside of you and adding a new member to your family. However, sometimes all of these changes in your body can cause it to do some pretty weird things. You may also have several new emotions while you are pregnant, both because of your changing hormones and because of this huge life change that is happening for you. Thankfully your OBGYN will be there with you every step of the way to help you with whatever you may need. This article will discuss 3 things your OBYGN can do to help you get through the first trimester. 

Prescribe You Anti-Nausea Medicine 

It is no secret that morning sickness is part of the first trimester for many women. Although the title of "morning sickness" isn't necessarily accurate because it can strike a woman at any time during the day or night. Thankfully there is medicine to help pregnant woman deal with this morning sickness that is safe for you and for your baby. As soon as you feel what you think to be morning sickness coming on, you can call your OBGYN and ask them to prescribe some of this medicine for you. There are a few different types of anti-nausea medications that you can try, so just work with your OBYGN to find one that works best for you and has the least amount of side effects. 

Give You Tips For Dealing With Constipation

Another problem that many women run into during their first trimester is constipation. So many changes are happening in their uterus, and things in their bowels may be being shifted around. Since constipation is something that is horrible to try and deal with, you will be happy to know that your OBGYN can help you. They will likely recommend that you eat foods that are high in fiber or foods that are known to soften your stool. They may also suggest that you take some stool softeners or use a suppository if that still isn't strong enough to help you. Knowing what you can and can't use is very empowering and helps you to better deal with your constipation. 

Calm Some Of Your Fears

Whether it is your first or your third child, you will likely still have some concerns and fears during your pregnancy, especially in the beginning. Also, because each pregnancy is different, you will likely have new fears with each one. Rather than sitting at home and worrying about everything, you should call your OBGYN and discuss these fears with them or with one of their nurses. Or, if you want to simply wait to talk with your OBGYN until your next appointment, you can do that as well. Knowing that you have someone talk to about your pregnancy fears can make all of the difference in the world. 

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