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Six Reasons Why It's So Important For Women Who Are Expecting To Undergo Prenatal Imaging

Undergoing an ultrasound at a prenatal imaging center is beneficial in numerous ways for women who are expecting a child. The following are six reasons why it's so important for women who are expecting to undergo prenatal imaging. 

Prenatal imaging can allow your OBGYN to determine a more accurate due date.

One major goal of your appointment at a prenatal imaging center will be to determine the gestational age of the fetus. This is important because it can result in a more accurate estimation of the due date of your baby. 

Prenatal imaging helps an OBGYN determine if a fetus is growing in a potentially dangerous location.

Unfortunately, a fetus can sometimes begin developing in an area where it will be harmful to the health of the mother. In this case, prompt detection and treatment through prenatal imaging are essential. In an ectopic pregnancy, the fetus begins growing in one of the fallopian tubes or in another location outside of the uterus. This situation can be life-threatening for the mother if it is not detected promptly and appropriately treated. 

Prenatal imaging allows you to find out if you're pregnant with multiples.

Expecting mothers naturally want to know in advance if they are having twins or multiples. After prenatal imaging, an OBGYN doctor should know if the patient is pregnant with multiples. 

Prenatal imaging can help detect birth defects and the treatment needs of a growing fetus.

The most important reason for undergoing prenatal imaging is to be sure that the fetus is growing normally. Prenatal imaging can detect fetal abnormalities so that the OBGYN can recommend any needed treatments that can protect the health of both the mother and the growing baby. 

Prenatal imaging can give you more peace of mind while you're pregnant.

Although being pregnant is exciting, it can also be stressful when you're worried about the condition of your growing baby. Prenatal imaging can help assure expecting mothers that their baby is developing normally. This can significantly reduce the stress of being pregnant. 

Prenatal imaging can allow parents to find out the gender of their baby.

Some women prefer to learn the gender of their baby as soon as possible. Fortunately, modern ultrasound technology offers a very high level of accuracy when it comes to determining the gender of the fetus. Women who are expecting have the option of learning the gender of their baby after their appointment at a prenatal imaging center. However, they can opt to wait until their baby is born to learn the gender if they prefer. 

Contact a prenatal imaging center for more information. 

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